Vas County Scientific Educational Association

Address: Kőszegi u. 2., H-9700 Szombathely
Director: dr. Bála Bakó
Tel.: + 36-94/509-500

Vas County Scientific Educational Association (Hungarian abbreviation: TIT) is one of the oldest non-governmental organisation of the intellectuals that is engaged in the dissemination of scientific, professional knowledge and knowledge of public interests.

In 1990 the Association became an independent legal entity. The legal, organisational and economic independence broadened out the scope of activities of the Association.

The Court declared the Association an outstanding non-governmental organisation consequently it was acknowledged that the Association played an important public role.

The Association organises educational lectures, courses, scientific conferences, Summer University and cultural programmes and operates eight clubs.

Major programmes are Savaria Summer University on Urban Studies, Poetry Day, Hungarian Language Week, Environmental Protection Days, Science Day, programmes of Astronomical Week, yearly Austrian-Hungarian conference of labour organized together with Vas County Labour Centre.

The adult education of the Association comprises training of graduated persons, vocational courses and dissemination of knowledge of public interests. (Yearly average of people who obtain qualification in TIT is 300.)

The Association takes more and more part in training of unemployed people.

TIT organises approved foreign language examinations and has an important role in teaching foreign languages after school-hours.

Services are translation, interpretation, publishing educational materials.

The Association is Accredited Institution of Adult Education (AL-0032) and applies the total quality management system of Scientific Educational Association.

It promotes the talented young people in the form of correspondence and competition in order to improve their professional knowledge.